Skype Promotion Event

Skype Event

Detailed information

In the beginning of the Server and only for the next few days, you have the chance to win

valuable items, like Donation Coins or Festival Adena (Final Rewards will be announced soon) by participating to this

simple event. Follow the instructions below and when you finish, contact an Administrator of L2Evil to get

your rewards.


You need to follow them Step by Step.



Add L2Evil as a contact in your Skype   <- Click It



Change your Skype Title to this:

" Grand opening 12 of July. I will play there with my friends."



Make a mass conversation with us inside, and promote L2Evil

by spamming the following message:

"L2evil, x50 Pvp-Craft server opening at 12 of July,Join us!"

Simple like that!
The more spam you do, the more rewards you will get!

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